The 7000 Poker Classic Revealed

The 7000 Poker Classic Revealed

Via 888 Poker and Pokerstars, the 7000 poker classic is a high stakes, multi-table tourney designed to discover real talent and the gems of longshots. The style of the tourney should be somewhat similar to the WPT The Ultimate Strategy, with its Shootouts, meaning each elimination will focus on a different stage of play, with an elimination to each player position that a player has held. The elimination style is designed to allow players a mix of longshots and favorites, while building the pots at each stage as the tourney progresses.

The top 100 places in this event will receive cash prizes, with the 1st place prize worth an additional $140,000 while the 2nd place prize worth an additional $120,000. Keep in mind that all prize values are in U.S dollars. The first prize in the $1,000,000 craps tournament will be worth $10,000 and the second prize in the $5,000,000 tournament will be worth $15,000. All prices are subject to change.

Lili, an elimination expert, is the current favorite in this event. She has an impressive record in elimination events. During the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em event in November of 2011, Lili eliminated Kenny Bossart and David Blanc with a pair of 4s, 6s and Jacks.

Blair Toledo was the runnerup in this event. I mentioned his play at the beginning of the article. In the $5,000 No Limit Hold’em event in November of 2011, Toledo eliminated Phil Ivey with a pair of 7s.

Earn more as you advance in the satellite tournaments. Some of these tournaments pay out as much as $1,000,000 when players earn at least 6cking out of 9 poker hands. At the end of the event, the players who survive have a chance of moving on to the next level. You can earn more money if your poker hands are better than the hands of those who survive.

Some of the best opportunities to win at the 7D mark are available when you play as a team. If you are the team leader and you have a stronger hand than your partners, you can earn up to $1,000,000.

If you think you have what it takes, you can play the 7D Poker freezeout. If you win your first freezeout game, you can exchange your ticket for half of the prize pool. When you play as a team, you have a better chance of winning because a Champion can be dominant. When you play as individuals, you have a better chance of surviving a challenge because it is harder to play the Champion’s hands.

There are three tournaments available to qualifying players. One is called the Sunday Million. It is a $1,000,000 tournament with one elimination in each level. The Unlawful Internet Poker Lottery Seven are also participating in the United States – Hawaii! This is a tournament where the goal is to survive the tourney to the final card before a player is elimination.

The freezeout tournaments are taking place as the Unlawful Internet Poker Lottery is being differ to the regular poker tournament. The freezeout tournaments have different rules and even though they are under the tournament rules, some have their own unique freezeouts. Once again, the freezeout tournaments have a different set of procedures and elimination rounds. Be sure to check the tournament rules before entering a freezeout tournament.

Of course, any time there is the chance to get out of a tournament without losing anything, a freezeout is the perfect way to get out. The regular poker tournament is a chance to get out and take the chips you lost in the earlier rounds. In fact, some pro players have suggested that the best poker ever played was the freezeout tournament. You cannot say that what you have won in the earlier rounds would not have been lost in the later rounds.

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