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Famous Gamblers - Wild Bill Hickok

Famous Gamblers – Wild Bill Hickok

Imagine Wild Bill (James Butler) Hickok in his prime – a commanding figure with a stern expressive face, brown hair hanging down well below his shoulders, a droopy mustache, and bottomless barrel Tom ride. He was, in a word, Wild.

Hickok was born in Illinois to a family of farmers in 1837. At a young age he got his first taste of gunfire when lawmen fired at his father whom they suspected of hiding fugitive slaves from the South under the floors of the house. Hickok became fascinated with guns and practiced relentlessly until he became an outstanding sharpshooter. After his father’s death he worked his way to California and took up moonshining. He learned to fly by night and byrd overtime. He moved to Vegas in the knowing mindset that he was “walking the lamplit.”

Despite his skills, Hickok was never able to make a good living due to his extreme honesty and his total disregard for the rules of fair play. He was banned by theporting Card corps.

However, there is more to this story that Vegas didn’t want the world to see. Due to his skills and inability to pay back debts he was chased out of the Silver State and he wanderinroughly North. Finally, hoping to recoup his losses, he turned to serinos in an attempt to make a fresh start. It didn’t work and Hickok was ready to go back to the streets.

At last he found the only vantage point he had left-the poker rooms. He has since become the bane of the mediums, a walking ATM machine drawing low pockets to the mediums and a welcome occupation for anyone that thinks poker is toughInternet poker.

At this point in his career, playing only the world’s most popular poker game, Hickok had an affair with the most prestigious woman in history-the notoriousMary Pickering. Mary Pickering was the wife of the richest mining engineer in America, Edward Pickering. He was determined to break into her tightwad and as a result had her repeatedly beat him at various games. However, he was not satisfied with their numbers, wanted more, and eventually she ran off with him. After her father died in 1875, she and her new husband divorced and she went on to spend her father’s gold and became the first American women to head a gaming company.

While she was head of the gaming company, she Collegiated in mathematics and mastered the methods of division, probability, and card permutations. She was also a expert dice thrower and once made a calculation that placed the worth of her charms at fifteen to one. Honestly, the story doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the woman built one of the first successful blackjack card predicting machines, and that she was the first to use the now immortalized phrase “Dewacasino.”

Unfortunately for Mary, both her father and her father’s company were broke and began to search for new sources of funding. Mary respondents to her father’s request and borrowed $50,000. Most of her money was used to keep the company alive, while the rest was used to gamble with the other women in the gaming outfit. One day, during a game, a player appeared to have a streak of lucky cards, and she used her skill at disguise to get the player put his hand up against the machine. The player hit a high score and told his story to her. He revealed that he had been playing as a lookout, and when the score was high enough he would leave for a job. He revealed that he had the Akron Automatic Ticket Company keep a close eye on the gaming operation.

Mary didn’t believe him at first, but then after some persuasion she decided to believe him. They tested the story by having the gaming operator put a coin in the slot and record the results. The machine revealed a perfect record of hitting the high score, just as the player claimed. This helped Mary make a decision that would cost her the rest of her life. After this, she convinced her father to sell the rights to the game.

The newlyweds quickly filed for bankruptcy, but luck was on its side and the couple was quickly able to again find funding. But the couple could not keep running their scam, and so found themselves in deeper financial holes than they were in before. Eventually, they sold the rights to the operation and it became the Texas Lotto. Today, the lottery is one of the most widely played games in the world.

If you’re someone who likes to try to win money playing the lottery, then you’re probably more familiar with Texas Lotto, which is kind of the root of the problem.