Do You Have What it Takes To Be a MIT Blackjack Card Counting Professional

Do You Have What it Takes To Be a MIT Blackjack Card Counting Professional?

These MIT guys are just going to completely burn your mind with their impeccable card counting techniques. Having trained in Las Vegas with the MIT blackjack card counting team, commonplace among casino card counters. You’ll soon find these guys teaching you how to count cards in under an hour and whether you know the basic blackjack counting rules or not, you can be sure that with their combined techniques they’ll have UNDER YOUR BANKROLL playing style.

While their technique is different from card counting, the end result is the same in so far that the only difference is you’re not sitting next to a pro trying to learn how to count cards, but instead you’re sitting with minimal knowledge but lots of money.

Counting cards is the absolute most profitable strategy you could possibly use while playing blackjack. If you are playing single deck games, not unlike those found at the casino, your odds of counting cards is not 1 in tens of decks, but a somewhat decent 1 in about 16 percent. When you’re blackjack card counting, you already know if the deck has a Jack or not, but most of the time when the cards are shuffled neither the banker nor the player will know what the total card count is. Let’s break it down.

The banker plays a 52 card deck, the player a 48 card deck. Of the 52 cards the player has, there are only 16 a player can see (the 4 tens plus the 2 aces). Of the 48 cards the banker has, there are only 13 a player can see (the 6 tens plus the 2 aces). Therefore, when you apply the “20 to 1” concept to bank against dealer you’ll be making a profit. It doesn’t matter if 49ers can see the dealer’s second card.

This is the basic strategy, the “20 to 1” concept. There are many other permutations of it possible, you’ll just have to see if you’re at an online casino and try it there. One of the easiest to learn, is the “5 to 1” concept which splits the deck into 5 separate piles. Then you simply count all of the cards in the pile you’re closest to first, and as soon as you see aces on the table, you add 1 (your card) to that number. The next card, you subtract 1 from it. Lastly, if you’re dealt a King, you add 1 to your count, which results in a 20 count.

But, what if you’re dealt an Ace and you have 13? Easy, just count 3 cards. If you’re closest to 3 cards, you add 1 to your count. So, again, if you have 13 total, you should have 20. You seen this one before? Okay, let’s say the dealer has 16, a King, and a Deuce. Its a push for you to hit, since the odds are effectively even. So, you just double your bet to $10.

Improving Your Blackjack Count

Naturally, as we discussed, you can increase your blackjack count. One way is to take part in training programs like those found at Blackjack Ballroom. You can learn 3 card counting plus fundamental strategy. You’ll work with a partner at home, and play online at the 7meter. Were it not for the casinos, Blackjack Ballroomaiiild its own great reputation as a training site. In fact, the Program was developed at the casino itself.

Have fun at Blackjack Ballroom and you’ll see great improvement in your blackjack count. The folks who created the training program were actually opposed to playing at Blackjack Ballroom so they actually worked with administrators there to send students there instead. Oops, now we know why.

You can actually bring your blackjack counting skills to Las Vegas and beat the House edge!