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Online Casinos Are Much Cleaner

Online Casinos Are Much Cleaner

You go to the online casino with the attitude that you are going to have a great time playing the slot machines, and you end up spending all your money on slots. You come home with $100 and your pockets are empty. On the way home you think about all the money you have lost in the last couple of days and you start asking yourself “What did I do with all of this money?” You are not alone at this point, you have a whole family that has hit the same wall. Yours is not the only family member that will have to ask “What did I do with all of this money?” This family member will go to the same wall as you and no one wants to be a repeat offender.

In all aspects of life there are 1,000’s of opportunities to get your money back. In turning the other hand into a repeat gambling addict is lunatic leave alone. First of all if you believe you can beat the slots on a consistent basis the odds are that you will lose. The odds are against you no matter what game you play. Maybe the odds are against your grandpa?

Yes the odds are against you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win they are definitely not against you. Maybe you can exploit a system or a formula to pull the odds in your favor a bit. Winning at any game or sport is possible. There are the occasional winners and the many ones that lose. The odds are definitely not in your favor. If you had the formula and knew the coast was your, would you even bother to walk? Of course not! We are nature and we are prone tooulos.

If the odds were in your favor then the slots and Dewapoker and even the craps game could be beatable. That is the genius of systems. They allow you to walk into a casino and lose nothing but the cost of your gas to get there. Then you walk out of the casino a winner. The best part about winning at an online casino is that you can play the same game over again for free. I think you can say the same thing about getting pregnant. Just one example of a bet that I have made and will continue to bet.

I am not going to stop playing the slots. I love the excitement and entertainment I receive from playing those machines. I will however continue to use online casino systems to help me enhance my chances of winning. I am using systems that allow me to play for free and have proven to win. I will continue to use systems that allow me to play for free because I am winning with them. Stay tuned for more progressive casino gaming tips that will help you win more money at online casinos.

You know what, quit your day job. Why not just play the slots forever?