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Sit & Go Poker Tournament - What is it Really Like Playing in one

Sit & Go Poker Tournament – What is it Really Like Playing in one?

As I have said many times, the recent upsurge in the popularity of sit and go poker has seen such a large number of sites pop up in the market place. It is those sites that make it possible for the average joe to take part in the multimillion dollar final table tournaments, and sit and go tournaments that I have been dealing in for some time.

Many players today make the mistake of thinking that sit and go tournaments are the same as the multi-table tournaments and big multi-table tournaments. But they are not. Consider this fact: the sit and go tournament is no tournament as such. It is a single elimination tournament.

The sit and go tournaments are often built around a variety of formats including straight andTurbo tournaments.

In a typical sit and go tournament, the players are eliminated through a variety of different ways: people are eliminated one by one, those that never finish are eliminated, and those who gather in the middle are eliminated.

Because of the elimination nature of the sit and go tournament, many players in these multi-table tournaments fail to make it to the money due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that the players are eliminated too quickly, so they do not have enough time to build a big stack in the customary manner.

Another reason is that they give up too soon too often and fail to prolong their stay in the tournament. They give in too often and die off too easily to the point that their stack is too small when they are still at the table.

Yet another reason is that they receive weaker hands than they do in a regular multi-table tournament. Pure garbage, right?

The answer to the question as to what kinds of opponents you will face in a sit and go poker tournament is simple: you will encounter your usual variety of opponents. You will not encounter any different or better players.

The obvious strategy in a sit and go poker tournament is to build your stack when you can and take chances when you do not. You cannot become too predictable because the players who have made it this far knows what they are doing.

In many situations you will either want or need to take chances and by this I mean playing aggressively with a good hand when you have a good hand.

The first point I want to make is that the first step in your quest for first place in sit and go Vegas88 tournaments is to quit calling horrible bets.

You need to learn the mathematics of poker, and you will need to first calculate the pot odds to determine if it is profitable to chase for a call. In other words, you will need to know if the price is ‘worth’ the call if you are sure you will win the hand.

The easiest way to learn this is to calculate your pot odds and bet odds and compare them. You will need to decide if the price is right for the call you are making.

For instance, let’s say you have Ace King on the first hand and there are two cards to a flush on the flop, such as three hearts. The odds for you to remain in the hand are about 11:1. The price is worth it if you have the best hand. But if you have a second best hand, you will not have enough money to win the hand.

In situations like this, your ability to read your opponents is an important skill you will need to master. You can not always be sure you will have a strong hand because you might lose a lot chips when you have a really good hand.

A lot of players will not draw the Ace or King and this will reduce the odds of you obtaining a strong hand. Before you throw away those second rate hands, think about how much money you could actually win if you have one of those really good hands.

This is the basis of the Sit and Go system and how to regularly and consistently win money playing online multi-table tournaments.